Facials and Hair Restoration for Male and Female Pattern Baldness

Platelet Rich Plasma has been recognized as an all-natural approach to anti-aging without the need for unnatural chemicals or invasive treatments.

This well-known and widely used rejuvenation technique extracts your own platelets from your own blood sample, using your growth factors to stimulate tissue regeneration in treated areas.

Common areas of treatment are the face, the hairline for hair restoration.

Your provider will draw a blood sample and spin it in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the red blood cells. Once separated the PRP will be collected and injected into the treatment area. If done with Microneedling or RF Microneedling, the PRP is massaged onto the skin and penetrates the top layer of the skin to work to rejuvenate the skin.
There is minimal downtime.
Treatments take approximately 60 minutes. Many people require more than one treatment to reach the desired results. Optimal results are seen in 12 weeks.

What are platelets?

Our blood has four primary components – red and white blood cells, platelets, and plasma – each with their own specific functions. The emergency responders of our bodies, platelets slow blood loss through clotting, secreting growth factors that help heal wounds through fresh tissue growth.

When used in a medical setting, platelet-rich plasma therapy triggers the production of collagen and elastin, as well as other growth factors. As well as plumping out wrinkles and other age giveaways, these naturally regenerative plasma solutions can stimulate hair growth due to male and female pattern baldness. Results vary and you may benefit from multiple treatments when starting PRP.

. However, individual outcomes depend on age, hormones, genetics, and platelet counts, as weaker concentrations might be less effective.

Is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy safe?

Known since the 1970s, PRP therapy has long been used to treat sports injuries. Delivering concentrations of a patient’s own freshly drawn and centrifuged blood directly into targeted areas, there is no possibility of any allergic or immune reactions.

Professional players in a wide variety of sports – including golf, NFL, and NBA stars – opt for faster recovery from injuries through PRP therapy. In fact, injecting his own platelets into his chronically inflamed knees allowed Kobe Bryant to continue to play world-class pro ball after his thirteenth season.

How can Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy make me look and feel younger?

  • Facial Rejuvenation: this state-of-the-art treatment for damaged and aging skin safely boosts collagen and elastin production, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles while minimizing acne scars, age marks, sun damage, and under-eye bags.
  • Male & Female Pattern Baldness: injected deep into the hair follicles, PRP stimulates dermal papilla cells, which are vital for new hair growth, with results usually appearing after three monthly treatment sessions.
  • Sexual Rejuvenation: exciting new PRP applications include treatments for erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse, leading to heightened satisfaction and more intense orgasms. Personalized treatment options include O shots, P shots, and Cavernous Injections.

How is Platelet Rich Plasma applied?

Once a patient’s blood has been drawn and centrifuged, the resulting platelet-rich plasma is delivered to the targeted area either topically, through microneeding, or direct injection. Like a non-surgical facelift with no post-treatment downtime, this innovative technique uses hair-fine needles to carry nutrients, vitamins, peptides, and other growth factors deep into the skin.